Ninyo Aganon

Digital Art Director

I enjoy staying updated on new trends in this field. It's fulfilling to notice the intentional details in digital designs that leave a positive impression. Connecting with other designers helps me gain insights that influence my design decisions. These talented perspectives empower me to make a positive impact on the digital and tangible worlds in the best way possible.

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Ninyo Aganon

Digital Art Director

I enjoy creating engaging digital experiences, treating it almost as an artform since each project has its own unique design process tailored to its audience.

With over 17+ years of experience, I've worked on diverse projects like financial apps, augmented reality web-based experiences, digital directories for luxury travel, content media platforms for videographers, motion-editing, and a lot more unlisted. Currently, I'm passionate about digital product design, interaction, and prototyping, while merging my skills with the understanding of motion-editing and programming (html, sass, php, some javascript).

One of my goals for 2024 is to continue to learn new techniques/technology, which helps me try out new ideas, while finding a balance for personal projects and work life.

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The numbers are pulling data dynamically from each project to generate this scorecard idea from General Assembly. I found this interesting, because everyone has unique numbers from one another. It's been a while since this has been updated, but looking forward to updating this portfolio soon.