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This was our first CMS site we designed in Japanese back in 2012, before the big wave of responsive sites started to kick in. Our client wanted to create a site that targets Japanese women to a new way of life of being "spirited" and "energetic" Hide Description –

  • situation

    The original blogsite owner had multiple blogsites to allocate specific content, and had a new published book being distributed through amazon. Each blogsite belonged to one umbrella, but didn\'t have any sense of unification. A new fresh blog appearance was needed to tie of all blog outlets to be managed into one blogsite

  • approach

    To design a new layout that would merge all blogsites and a space on the site to showcase the site owner's new book with a custom management functionality without having to base the foundation off of a template

  • experience

    I've always wanted to design a foreign language website, and this was the opportunity to create a foreign language site with a CMS structure in mind. I had a lot of creative freedom with this site, and it was a lot of fun.

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This project was made possible through Drag&Drop Creative.