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Seattle, WA (South Lake Union)

Designed wakescreen covers for horizontal, vertical, and square compositions. Once approved, use programs to spit out multiple language versions (FR, DE, JP, EU, EN, and IT) and export 160+ files (each) compatible for all kindle devices. I designed about 90+ wakescreens totalling 86,400 assets (Presented here are just 12). Hide Description –

  • situation

    Amazon Kindlefire is having a yearlong promotional special to showcase a new app every single day, where users can download an app for free. The attention span of a mobile device user is very short, especially when they're turning the device on for their own specific reason.

  • approach

    The design is supposed to entice the viewer, for them to make a split decision switch from what they're doing to touch the CTA button and download the app of the day for free. The assignment was to create a series of wake screens for the developers to implement.

  • experience

    Within a very short amount of time, I had to figure out how to use a series of very intensive Photoshop actions to execute all horizonal, vertical, and mainscreen layouts into multiple device-specific pixel dimensions (not to mention each orientation is exported in 6 different languages simuntaneously). This was provided by the previous designer with a short explanation. Through experimentation, I've also tweaked the actions to fit my own process. The challenge was that each approved designs should only take about less than 3 hours to design including some room for revisions, and about an hour to export a whopping 160 exported digital files for just 1 design!

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This project was made possible through Revolution Marketing.