Kitsap, WA (Bremerton)

It's awesome to see a large format printed piece on the wall as if it were displayed like a standalone art piece. This was before they decided to rebrand into Rottweiler Motorcycle Company. Hide Description –

  • situation

    The team at Rottweiler Bikes noticed motorcyclists commuting the ferry boat from Bainbridge to Seattle (from the opposite side of Kitsap Washington).

  • approach

    The basic goal was to show that these services are what they offer, but in a way that is interesting because many morning commuters are actually laying down sideways and can actually read the words rightways (since their head is tilted). A large format poster was used. Inquiries from Bainbridge started coming up and created new clients.

  • experience

    It's funny to think there will be a variety of eyes (from within the community that you grew up in) that will stumble upon looking at this poster and either dislike it, or like it. The interesting ones though are the ones that decide that they like it and where did that thought lead to?

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This project was made possible through Drew Quitugua.