Loreal Rewards Program

Seattle, WA

I enjoy the opportunity and challenge whenever I get to redesign a company's digital experience by adding in new interaction capabilities for desktop through mobile, creating design patterns, alongside with pulling in some visual language in the form of iconography and typography Hide Description –

  • situation

    Loreal currently had some existing branding, but they wanted their membership and login experience to reflect some newer technology. This update allowed them to renew their visual branding experience while maintaining their existing look & feel.

  • approach

    It was great to be able to have a good deal of creative freedom in how to go about treating the landing page and creating some neat design patterns with their iconography and new visual ideas. I intended to keep things clean and contemporary, yet cohesive and familiar.

  • experience

    We had a bit of a problem when our main point of contact resigned, and so our project was put on hold. However, we still needed to provide some last design details while keeping time as minimal as possible. At least the designs were implemented, and so our collaborative work didn't go to waste. I am still proud of what we've accomplished, yet I wish I could have deep-dived into more touchpoints and interactivity.

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This project was made possible through DCG One.