Web Design

Seattle, WA (Belltown)

A new high-end night club was opening up in Belltown Seattle back in 2012, and we were able to design the website for their grand opening. I remember working on this at late nights with our design team, and we were able to crank it out in less than a week. Hide Description –

  • situation

    A new nightclub was opening up in Seattle and we got a chance to design their CMS website. A logo package was already created for them from another design group. A live website wasn't available yet, and they would need to update their site frequently as new events come in. A quick turnaround was needed for a lower budget project, and templates were not available. No existing brand guideline were present with their logo package

  • approach

    The idea was to design a CMS website within a short amount of time before the opening launch of the night club. It had to feel vibrant in a way, while still using their dark blue color.

  • experience

    Having a chance to create a design for a popular nightclub was exciting for me, and it was around this time that I began studying HTML/CSS (as I didn't understand the language at this time).

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This project was made possible through Drag&Drop Creative.