Event Design

Kitsap, WA (Bremerton)

One of our favorite events that we threw for a community was a dance focused hip-hop competition for b-boy/b-girls around the PNW. Dancers from all over Washington came to Bremerton to compete against each other. Hide Description –

  • situation

    From a team of talented individuals of varying backgrounds, a b-boy (breakdance) event was in the concept stage having a comfortable amount of months to prepare ahead of time. Within Washington state, there hasn't been much events that spent time developing the presentation of the event through a cohesive identity, trophie designs, online presentation, etc.

  • approach

    The goal was to create an event with brand development in mind, and with a structure to present the event in a different and meaningful way against what was already out there.

  • experience

    There were a ton of experience to be gained from within the event planning itself, as well as the the amount of work behind the idea process where we experimented with concepts that weren't common in this scene (interactive youtube videos, acrylic mounted awards, wooden logo pendants, etc). Fortunately for the adults, there was a bar within the event building. Within the bar setting, we designed tent folds to take advantage for brand exposure as another touchpoint (its functionality served as a beacon to hold extra video content of the event and past events).

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This project was made possible through RocksolidNW.