Nova Credit

New York City, NY

It is pretty impressive how this video that we took little time to create gets posted on American Express's corporate Youtube account (with at the time of writing this reached 26k views in 3 months). There's a lot of back-end conceptual work that goes behind creating a video sifting through music, voice actors/actresses, footage (including people with the right pace in frame-rate), and b-roll. Hide Description –

  • situation

    Foreigners realize that they have no credit history of obtaining a credit card upon making their move to the United States. This situation was an opportunity for American Express to partner with a startup called Nova Credit to solve that problem and help make that transition for foreigners to become potential card members in the US.

  • approach

    We created a video presented at an event called Money2020 for Nova Credit. This event played our short video that highlighted foreigner situations to educate the viewer and give an understanding of a problem, and how this product may be useful to them.

  • experience

    It was excellent to be able to formulate a framework (without having any script written down) with an overall approach of the pace and visuals to get our idea approved. Once approved, we simultaneously created a storyboard and script out of the information that needed to be presented. This also came with finding the proper b-roll to match the personas (style and frame-rate), music to match the visuals and mood, and voice actress/actor to vocally present the script and compliment the assets. This video used some simple motion graphics to explain the information all within a quick turnaround. My work involved everything visual, with the help of our copywriter assisting with some visuals presented. We were able to get this finalized and completed just in time for the event. Although this process doesn't happen often, this was the cleanest process I've ever experienced.

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This project was made possible through DCG One.