Annual Dance Event

Bremerton, WA (Downtown)

An annual dance event in Bremerton, lead by a good friend of mine (Jireh Soriano), brings hip-hop enthusiasts from all over the Northwest to come experience an event so contrasting from what people usually experience in Bremerton. Excess funds outside of initial cost all went to Kitsap Backpack Brigade. Hide Description –

  • situation

    Every year since 2012 there has been an event that has been building on top of each other and progressively improving overtime. Dancers throughout the northwest comes out to these type of events. The only thing that was different this time was our venue location, which would be right next to the ferry, and so a design that would reflect that kind of caliber would have to be considered.

  • approach

    From a test run promotional video, branding, oversized posters, to sponsorship packets, I spent the time to place all my efforts into any touchpoints possible to test which piece gives the most ROI.

  • experience

    Just like the year before, I had an amazing time seeing everything put together, and placed in their own space. There was a lot of help from DCG ONE to get a lot of these prints completed, and it all looked amazing. One take away was the analytics from the promo video. We found that there was a large bounce rate from the beginning, and that most mobile users watch with their phones muted, which provided some valuable information. We raised quite a bit of funds for our local non-profits, and that's the payoff we got from this event, alongside with having a real good time.

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This project was made possible through Jireh Soriano.