Multi-Kit Design

Seattle, WA (Fremont)

I was able to see people smiling and having a good time receiving these pieces from instagram by typing in #thankyourunning. It helps to see what kind of impact your work is placing onto people you're designing for. Hide Description –

  • situation

    Brooks needed three separate kits for their #thankyourunning campaign, which was to be launched the following month. With three kits needing to be created, thousands of each kit were to be printed composing of many printed pieces, designs, medalions, and content to be created. understanding the projected deadlines and sticking to them was all handled with the revolution team

  • approach

    Our team laid out all the project details, and discussed what and when components needed to be completed, with expected revisions & print times needed. My role here was to design each kit based off of the creative direction given

  • experience

    This work allowed me to think about designs outside of flat prints, and to apply designs in 3D space. The fun part of using di-cut pieces is that you can scale down to a 1:16 model, print, and mock up with a 12in x 18in press sheet. All in all, it was real fun.

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This project was made possible through Revolution Marketing.