Ninyo Aganon

Interaction + Visual Designer

Being able to help clients visualize ideas from research, conceptual sketches, lo/hi prototypes, and testing into an actual product are one of the reasons why I love this type of work. I wake up every single day wondering what else can I learn today?

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Ninyo Aganon

Interaction + Visual Designer

I'm interested in creating the things people take time to look at, digest, interact, read, experience, etc. It's almost an art piece by its own unique design process.

Today with all the good looking social media / tech startup sites and apps out there, the visual bar is pretty much standardized with an expected quality. One of the thoughts that come to my mind is "are these solutions working well for the ones using it everyday(?), and how are they using them?" My intent to understand these questions is through experimenting with already established hcd methods and new perspectives to solve unique problems within design.

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The numbers are pulling data dynamically from each project to generate this scorecard idea from General Assembly. I found this interesting, because everyone has unique numbers from one another.