Ninyo Aganon

Interaction + Visual Designer

One of the things I enjoy a lot about this field is this constant need to be learning about new trends, noticing the intentional details in digital designs that makes a positive impression, and connecting with other designers to gain new insights about our field. These perspectives help me gain better design decisions, and what I can do as a creative to help impact the digital world (as well as the tangible) in the best way I can.

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Ninyo Aganon

Interaction + Visual Designer

I'm interested in creating the things people take time to look at, digest, interact, read, experience, etc. It's almost an art in its own unique design process tailored to its demographic.

With about 16+ years of experience, I've been involved in designing some awesome projects from: financial applications, competition events, branding, directories for luxury travel, social media platforms for videographers, motion-editing videos for your local healthcare, and a lot more to come. My current interests involves product design (digital), interaction, and digital prototyping. To an extent, I also merge my experience in motion editing, and my experience in programming (html, sass, php, javascript) to help influence and understand decisions created for creating products that will live on the web.

One of my goals for 2023 is to continue to learn new techniques/technology, which helps me try out new ideas, yet to find that perfect work/life balance so I can use everything that I've learned into some fun personal projects.

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The numbers are pulling data dynamically from each project to generate this scorecard idea from General Assembly. I found this interesting, because everyone has unique numbers from one another.