Ninyo Aganon

Interaction + Visual Designer

Helping clients build on their ideas and designing digital prototypes is something I have a lot of fun doing. The cool part about this type of work is that I get to work alongside creative folks that are commited to help businesses prosper.

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Ninyo Aganon

Interaction + Visual Designer

I'm interested in creating the things people take time to look at, digest, interact, read, experience, etc. It's almost an art in its own unique design process tailored to its demographic.

With about 12+ years of experience, I've been involved in designing some awesome projects from: financial applications, competition events, branding, social media platforms for videographers, and a lot more to come. My experience involves visual design, interaction design, digital prototyping. To an extent, I also merge my knowledge in motion design, human‑centered design, and programming (html, sass, php) to help influence my decisions in design.

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The numbers are pulling data dynamically from each project to generate this scorecard idea from General Assembly. I found this interesting, because everyone has unique numbers from one another.