Ninyo Aganon

Digital Art Director

I enjoy staying updated on new trends in this field. It's fulfilling to notice the intentional details in digital designs that leave a positive impression. Connecting with other designers helps me gain insights that influence my design decisions. These talented perspectives empower me to make a positive impact on the digital and tangible worlds in the best way possible.

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Ninyo Aganon

Digital Art Director

I currently live in my inherited childhood home in Silverdale, while my family resides permanently in the Philippines, where I was born. Commuting to Seattle takes more time now compared to when I lived closer and used a monthly ferry pass. At the end of the day, I'm a typical Filipino guy who enjoys breakdancing, listening to "Classic" Hip‑hop, Lo-fi, and house music (specifically House & DNB). One of my hobbies is mixing music with a DDJ-FLX6 controller powered by RekordboxDJ. I love traveling with my wife to explore different countries, often camping with our rooftop tent on Jeep adventures. Cooking is another passion, and I've mastered 10 soups from around the world, mostly focusing on Asia. While there are many other hobbies I enjoy, I'll keep the list concise here.

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The numbers are pulling data dynamically from each project to generate this scorecard idea from General Assembly. I found this interesting, because everyone has unique numbers from one another. It's been a while since this has been updated, but looking forward to updating this portfolio soon.