Event Kits

Bellevue, WA

I really enjoy designing kits for events, because you design all the components used for the event, as well as the container that holds the components. This piece was shipped to all stores nationwide. Hide Description –

  • situation

    The new Samsung Galaxy model, at the time, was being released. T-mobile was going to have them available in stores and employees wanted to be prepared to understand how to right-fit the new device effectively to customers. The retail front needed to have updated informational material of the device's functions, its new capabilities, and with new right-fit customer strategies available for them

  • approach

    The goal was to design a packaged kit that will contain all printed materials to be distributed to all stores nationwide, and to help influence sales with both new information material and interactive training games

  • experience

    I've learned a lot about content organization and hierarchy through these kinds of projects, which involved a large number of content revisions, and an array of printed pieces. Being able to work with provided artwork was a relief—as well as a challenge—to keep within brand guidelines

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This project was made possible through Revolution Marketing.