Platform Redesign

Seattle, WA (Downtown)

This work dealt with designing: full interfaces, profile pages, video submission pages, interactions between elements, submission components from multiple sections, icon designs, badge designs, etc. I had a great time working with these guys, as well as allowing me to design within no boundaries. Hide Description –

  • situation

    With the new client and admin platform underway, there needed to be extra functionality to the existing & successful community platform, as well as keeping consistency between its interconnected platforms in terms of: visual language, brand consistency, and interactions.

  • approach

    Using the clientside platform, I was able to use some of the techniques and styles and apply it to this platform. There was also a need for community badges to integrate gamification to create an incentive for users to complete their profile, and become more engaged within the community.

  • experience

    This has to be one of the most exciting project that I've worked on so far. It was very rewarding to even see some of my talented connections already using the platform and encourages me to think about using it personally in the future.

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This project was made possible through Mentor Creative Group.