Crew Logo

Kitsap, WA (Bremerton)

The logo turned out to be my favorite, because of its simplicity of intertwining letters. Hide Description –

  • situation

    Dance crews all around Washington were branding themselves with the help of a logomark that represents their crew as a whole. We've opted out of it for a long time, because it didn't feel necessary until we decided to have one for our 10 year anniversary.

  • approach

    The idea behind designing this mark is that it should be able to match the personality of each individual: not too much in one way and not too much in another way. A neutral, yet contemporary look that could be used for anything.

  • experience

    Intertwining the letter forms together as "threads" felt like the best answer that represents our overall style. We also created a couple versions using the same structure so that we can have fun with it.

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This project was made possible through Boogie Down Bremerton.