Rebranding & Web

Kitsap, WA (Bremerton)

This work dealt with creating: product videos & shots, team photos, responsive web design, prototyping, mobile-first approach, web development, branding, etc. It represents the type of work that I'd like to focus my capabilities on. Hide Description –

  • situation

    The company's original name was Rottweiler Bikes Custom Motorcycles, which the word "bikes" left potential motorcycle clients thinking that the business specialize in Bikes instead. They decided to change their name to Rottweiler Motorcycle company so that it's very clear on what their business specializes in.

  • approach

    The idea of the rebranding was to maintain the original shape of their existing logo mark (since they apply their logo on small rounded components of their motorcycles), but to choose a typeface and overall mark that fits their direction appealing to a new rising younger generation of motorcyclists.

  • experience

    We've created a new logo that matches the look they're going for, along with an update on all of their merchandising and apparel, storefront components, as well as a redesign of their website.

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This project was made possible through Drew Quitugua.