Platform Redesign

Seattle, WA (Downtown)

This represents the type of work that I want to spend most of my efforts on. It's very fun to design a platform that both clients & administrators will use on a daily basis. Hide Description –

  • situation

    The existing platform was already being used, yet it needed a new update to fit with today's look & feel, and expected functionalities. We also wanted to add new functions from within the site, so that clients & administrators can easily navigate throughout their platforms, and use it as a communication tool with their teams.

  • approach

    I wanted to be able to redesign the platform in a way where—along with maintaining existing brand guidelines—we can crunch a lot of information and submission details in a small amount of space, but not making it feel crammed at the same time.

  • experience

    Administrators monitor thousands of submissions from the community from a complex database, and clients spend their time reviewing hundreds of thousands of community submissions for their live projects. The experience from the client workflow was designed to setup a new project with Zooppa, as well as a reward system was also designed for choosing the winning users with real money.

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This project was made possible through Mentor Creative Group.